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The public sector – the real advertising gurus

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When we think of adverts and advertisers, commercial brands spring to mind. Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, -historically- the tobacco industry, are the key players. These brands and private industries certainly have the creative spend, the commercial drive and the huge advertising teams to be able to run the industry and buy the essential Superbowl advertising slot for their creations.

However, is it really the major world brands who are the pioneering force in the advertising industry? Read More

Why print marketing is still being used

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In an era where marketers are looking for yes, a viral YouTube campaign, but also long-term customer engagement, all avenues of advertising need to be explored.

A recent article considers the reasons why print adds value to any marketing campaign:

  • Things are read 10-30% faster on paper.
  • Joining together print and digital marketing could potentially reach out to a larger audience.
  • 96% of news reading is still in print.

When to be serious – setting the right advertising tone

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“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
―John Holmes

Every brand has an advertising tone: Paddy Power loves to shock, John Lewis to comfort and Disneyland to inspire. However, there are more general rules surrounding advertising tones which have been tried and tested to the point that they are pretty much solid foundations on which to build your campaign ideas.  Read More